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"Alex is a conscientious and inspirational educator. He is dedicated to students and commands respect through his ability to relate to them on their level. He is an outstanding teacher that reinforces pedagogical principles with fun and entertaining techniques. He is an astute adult educator that prides himself on his credibility and education. Alex is also an extraordinary massage therapist. He is passionate about his profession. His passion inspires his students to learn and retain information. His clinical skills are outstanding and he enjoys transferring these skills to his students. I highly recommend Alex to any educational institution that needs a passionate, compassionate, conscientious and inspirational educator."

James Tregonning

My observations and experience as a student of Alex is that  all instruction are given based on the students  level of understanding. All the while providing initiative and encouragement to understand the next level. 


Instructions are broken down in to segments with repeated instructions and demonstrations to adapt to different learning styles and learning disabilities.  Alex's instructions are clear, concise and he will often questioning students to ensure that the material is understood.


Feedback is always given in a helpful manor, Alex suggested methods to assist with improvements, encouraging notes, and reflections on areas of noticed improvements. 


Overall, as a student, I am grateful for the patience and understanding of Alex.   Despite various different learning styles, learning disabilities in the marital arts class not to mention various degrees of learning abilities Alex is able to adapt to the individual needs of each student. 

Rachelle Lamoureux

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