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Teaching Philosophy

Beliefs about teaching and learning and post-secondary education:

As a professional educator, it is my goal to inspire, innovate and coach students to help them reach their academic goals. Effective teaching is much more than standing in front of a classroom and providing a lecture. It is about enhancing the student both on a personal and professional level.  


Being an educator is much more than a career because of the diverse impact it has on the students. To be an effective educator, you have to have a passion for the profession, your teaching, and the students' learning experience. 


A great educator must also be committed to a lifelong learning process because, like any profession, education is a practice that needs to be mastered through self-reflection and personal development. As an educator, I believe that commitment to continuous growth and development of the program is essential.

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Teaching strategies and strengths:

In my experience, I have learned that there is no "one-size-fits-all" teaching style. Each student is an individual, and although they are taught as a cohort, everyone will assimilate the information at different levels. I believe in using various learning methods and styles to accommodate the students learning as much as possible. 


I choose to continue my studies in adult education; Here, I can identify the students' needs and effectively deliver an exceptional learning environment. 


Successful instruction happens when students are actively engaged in the lesson. Examples could be answering problems, participating in discussions or becoming immersed in the lecture material in some form that suits them. Lectures are best aided using various resources, including video, practical demonstration, guest lectures, and field trips. When the students' experience is enjoyable, learning comes with ease and will be stored in their long term memory. 


I believe learning the students' names is the first step in student success. They should also feel comfortable with the instructor and have no shame in approaching them for academic advice. It is my goal to support students academically whenever possible. 

I want to be the teacher that they talk about throughout their career. 



There is a unique relationship between student and teacher. The student learns the information to achieve a goal and develop the skills necessary for employment. The teacher stimulates the learning environment, assesses the students' progress, and delivers essential information for career success. This relationship is similar to fueling a fire. Given the right circumstances and the right environment can make the difference between a single flame and a roaring blaze. 


Future Goals:

I see myself as a student and a teacher simultaneously. Teaching is one of the most impactful and rewarding professions a person can ask for, and that I can learn equally as much from my students as they can learn from me. I do not believe in only having a philosophical approach to teaching because it is merely an idea. 

Instead, I extend my morals, values and beliefs to continuous development as an educator first. My future goals are to have impactful moments on the students learning experience and contunie to grow as a massage therapy professor.  


Teaching Principles:

  • Everyone has their own experiences as to why they are here. Utilize that in the classroom to engage the learner in the material. 

  • Self-reflection is the key to success. 

  • Don't be set in only one way of teaching. Become innovative, experiment and adapt 

  • Identify learning objectives early, so the students know the expectations.

  • Provide constructive feedback as often as possible.

  • Stay positive 

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