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Personal Profile

My Story

After graduating from Everest College with a diploma in Massage Therapy in 2013, I have been practicing as a Massage Therapist registered with the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario.  I have owned and operated my Massage Therapy clinic since my initial registration, and in 2019 I began teaching the Massage Therapy program at a Private Career College.


While teaching , I have gained valuable experience in communicating with students from various educational and cultural backgrounds in a positive, professional, and effective manner. My certificate in Adult Education has given me practical and imaginative recourses to enhance students' success.  My passion for learning and leadership in academics has also led me to complete a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education.


In addition to my instructor role, I have also developed courses as an Instructional Designer. I have a wide range of familiarity with instructional technologies, including Brightspace, Blackboard, and ZOOM.  I have taught the Massage Therapy program in-person and online.


Aside from my Massage Therapy profession, I also act as a leader and mentor in martial arts.  With over 22 years' experience, I have aided students in recognizes their potential. I have a strong commitment to students and their success.  


I have experience in teaching Health Sciences, Assessments and Treatment Planning, Massage Theory & Techniques and Remedial Exercise.  I also have experience as a clinical and outreach supervisor. 

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My Educational Experience

College Instructor

I've worked with students in the Massage Therapy Program.  In this position, I have:

  •  Assisted and identified at-risk students to eliminate student barriers to learning. gained experience in classroom management,

  • Shifted between informal and formal teaching methods to create a multi-layered web of learning, incorporating practical activities, discussions, and projects into lessons.

  • Conducted engaging in-class discussions to facilitate learning and encourage participation

  • Built strong rapport with students through class discussions and academic advisement.

Program Developer​

[Instructional Design]

  • Conducted a needs assessment (why, what, how, how will you know) to determine the need for the program

  • Outlined entry level behaviours and prior knowledge required for the learner to succeed in the program

  • Prepared and organized course descriptions, goals and learning objectives based on the need of the program

  • Prepared lecture material, assessments and projects to determine if learning objectives were met by the learner

  • Developed instructional strategies and learning activities for instructors to use in delivering the program. 

  • Reflected on the delivery of the program and made changes where needed

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